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RISC Visitors

Upcoming Visitors

Name Home Institution Duration of the visit Talks scheduled during this stay
Dr. Jianfeng (Jeremy) GuoTianjin University, China2017-12-04 to 2018-12-03
Prof. Rafael SendraUniversidad de Alcala, Madrid, Spain2018-07-08 to 2018-07-20[talk]
Botond Lengyel2018-07-28 to 2018-08-05
Davide LofanoItaly2018-08-01 to 2018-08-03
Prof. Bennie WardBaylor University2018-08-06 to 2018-08-15
Prof. George E. AndrewsPennsylvania State University, USA2018-09-08 to 2018-09-09
Prof. George E. AndrewsPennsylvania State University, USA2018-09-12 to 2018-09-15
Yairon Cid CruzUniv. Barcelona, Spain2018-10-01 to 2018-12-03
Prof. Karl MahlburgLouisiana State University, USA2019-01-28 to 2019-02-01

Recent Visitors

Name Home Institution Duration of the visit Talks delivered during this stay
Dr. Stefan KORECKOTU Kosice2018-07-02 to 2018-07-07
Tomer Libal2018-06-30 to 2018-07-06[talk]
Vangelis BartzosGreek2018-03-12 to 2018-06-12
Dr. Robert VajdaHungary2018-05-27 to 2018-06-03
Prof. Ae Ja YeePennsylvania State University, USA2018-05-30 to 2018-05-30[talk]
Prof. George E. AndrewsThe Pennsylvania State University, USA2018-05-16 to 2018-05-20[talk]
Prof. Mark GiesbrechtUniversity of Waterloo, Canada2018-05-16 to 2018-05-20[talk]
Dr. Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos2018-05-15 to 2018-05-19
Prof. Adalbert Kerber2018-05-16 to 2018-05-19[talk]
Prof. Joachim von zur Gathen2018-05-16 to 2018-05-19[talk]
Prof. Johann CiglerUniversität Wien, Austria2018-05-16 to 2018-05-19[talk]
Prof. Matthias BeckSan Francisco State University, USA2018-05-16 to 2018-05-19[talk]
Prof. Mourad Ismail2018-05-16 to 2018-05-19[talk]
Prof. Sergei AbramovRussian Academy of Sciences, Russia2018-05-15 to 2018-05-19[talk]
Prof. Volker Strehl2018-05-16 to 2018-05-19[talk]
Prof. Johannes BlümleinDESY2018-05-16 to 2018-05-18[talk]
Prof. Marko PetkovsekUniversity of Ljubljana, Slovenia2018-05-16 to 2018-05-18[talk]
Stefan Gerhold2018-05-17 to 2018-05-18[talk]
Besik Dundua2018-05-09 to 2018-05-16
Prof. Mircea Marin2018-05-09 to 2018-05-16
Kay SchönewaldDESY2018-04-05 to 2018-04-21
Tamas BerzcesUniversity of Debrecen2018-04-03 to 2018-04-07[talk]
Diego Dominici2017-07-01 to 2018-03-31
Dr. Martin PetersSpringer Heidelberg2018-03-05 to 2018-03-07
Dr. William SteingartnerUniversity of Kosice, Slovakia2018-02-01 to 2018-02-10
Dr. Zafeirakis ZafeirakopoulosGebze Technical University, Turkey2018-01-17 to 2018-01-31[talk]
Prof. Dr. Mama FoupouagnigniAIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences) Limbe, Cameroon, Africa2017-11-27 to 2017-11-27[talk]
Prof. Alexander LevinThe Catholic University of America, Washington, DC)2017-11-18 to 2017-11-22
Prof. Bruce BerndtUniversity of Illinois2017-11-05 to 2017-11-11[talk] [talk]
Prof. Dr. Janos SztrikUniversity of Debrecen2017-10-30 to 2017-11-10
Dr. Yi Zhang2017-11-09 to 2017-11-09[talk]
Prof. Michael SingerNorth Carolina State University, USA2017-10-29 to 2017-11-01[talk] [talk]
Dr. Besik Dundua2017-10-06 to 2017-10-20
Prof. Dr. Volker StrehlErlangen2017-10-04 to 2017-10-06[talk]
Prof. Johannes BlümleinDESY Zeuthen, Germany2017-10-04 to 2017-10-06
Prof. Tetsuo IdaJapan2017-09-18 to 2017-09-20
Prof. Bennie Ward2017-07-11 to 2017-08-17
Nguyen Khanh Linh TRANUniversität Passau2017-01-02 to 2017-07-31
Robert Vajda2017-06-11 to 2017-06-18
Tobias Magnusson2017-06-11 to 2017-06-15
Mohab Safey El DinUPMC (Paris 6) -- IUF, France2017-06-05 to 2017-06-09
Dr. Alexandrina ColtUniversity of Cluj-Napoca, Romania2017-05-14 to 2017-05-20
Dr. Elisabeta GiurgiuUniversity of Cluj-Napoca, Romania2017-05-14 to 2017-05-20
Dr. Roswitha RissnerTU Graz, Austria2017-04-26 to 2017-04-29
Gabor KusperUniversity of Eger, Hungary2017-04-24 to 2017-04-27
Gergely KovasnayUniversity of Eger, Hungary2017-04-24 to 2017-04-27
Yahui ShiTianjin University, China2016-10-15 to 2017-04-15
Dr. Abilio De FreitasDESY2017-02-06 to 2017-02-10
Dr. Peter MarquardDESY2017-02-06 to 2017-02-10
Prof. Johannes BlümleinDESY Berlin-Zeuthen2017-02-06 to 2017-02-10
Prof. George AndrewsPennsylvania State University, USA2017-02-05 to 2017-02-09[talk] [talk]
Dr. Jürgen GerhardMaple Soft2017-02-06 to 2017-02-08
Dr. Roger GermundssonSenior Director of Research & Development at Wolfram2017-02-06 to 2017-02-08
Prof. Dr. Nigel GloverIPPP, Durham University2017-02-06 to 2017-02-08
Prof. Dr. Joachim MnichDESY Director2017-02-06 to 2017-02-07
Dr. Fritz SchwarzFraunhofer Gesellschaft, Institut SCAI, Germany2016-12-01 to 2016-12-03
Janos SztrikUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2016-11-07 to 2016-11-18
Prof. Erika AbrahamUniversity of Aachen2016-11-13 to 2016-11-15
Dr. William SteingartnerTechnical University of Košice, Slovak Republic2016-10-16 to 2016-10-20[talk]
Prof. Sato Masahiko2016-10-16 to 2016-10-19
Dr. Daniel LichtblauWolfram Research2016-09-21 to 2016-09-23[talk]
Prof. Hoon HongNorth Carolina State University, USA2016-09-14 to 2016-09-23[talk]
Prof. Judit RobuBabes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania2016-09-11 to 2016-09-17
Angelica CastilloUniversity of Texas2016-06-02 to 2016-07-31
Besik DunduaGeorgia2015-12-14 to 2016-06-30
Prof. Johannes BlümleinDESY, Germany2016-06-19 to 2016-06-25
Dr. Bennie Ward2016-06-11 to 2016-06-16
Fabrizio Zucca2016-04-05 to 2016-06-07
Dr. Bennie Ward2016-05-09 to 2016-05-31
DI Dr. Mircea MarinWU Timisoara, Romania2016-05-23 to 2016-05-29
Prof. Martin KreuzerUniversität Passau2016-05-09 to 2016-05-09[talk]
Prof. Krishnaswami AlladiUniversity of Florida, USA2016-04-23 to 2016-05-04[talk] [talk] [talk] [talk]
Dr. Nan LiNankai University, China2016-04-26 to 2016-04-29
Dr. Qing JiNankai University, China2016-04-26 to 2016-04-29
Dr. Yahui ShiNankai University, China2016-04-26 to 2016-04-29
Prof. Bill ChenNankai University, China2016-04-26 to 2016-04-29[talk]
Dr. Charles ClarkNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)2016-03-03 to 2016-03-03[talk]
Prof. David Jeffrey2016-01-19 to 2016-01-23[talk]
Abilio de FreitasDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Germany2016-01-17 to 2016-01-22
Stephen MelczerUniversity of Waterloo and ENS Lyon2015-11-25 to 2015-11-25[talk]
M. KreuzerUni Passau2015-11-23 to 2015-11-23[talk]
Mateu VillaretUniversity of Girona, Spain2015-10-18 to 2015-10-20
Bennie F.L. WardBaylor University2015-07-27 to 2015-08-16
Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos2015-07-24 to 2015-08-08
Dr. Nikolay VasilyevSt.Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Mathematical Institute2015-07-19 to 2015-07-24
Juan Rafael SendraUniversidad de Alcala, Madrid, Spain2015-07-11 to 2015-07-19
Adam TothUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2015-06-21 to 2015-06-30
Tamas BerczesUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2015-06-21 to 2015-06-30
George RahonisUniversity of Thessaloniki, Greece2015-06-09 to 2015-06-29
Robert VajdaHungary2015-06-06 to 2015-06-19
Dr. Fritz SchwarzFraunhofer Gesellschaft, Institut SCAI, Germany2015-05-01 to 2015-05-31
Alin BostanINRIA Saceley2015-05-26 to 2015-05-29
Andrei AsinowskiTU Wien2015-05-27 to 2015-05-29
Bernhard GittenbergerTU Wien2015-05-28 to 2015-05-29
Emma Yu JinTU Wien2015-05-27 to 2015-05-29
Kilian RaschelUniversité de Tours, France2015-05-26 to 2015-05-29
Michael WallnerTU Wien2015-05-19 to 2015-05-29
Cyril BanderierUniversité Paris-Nord, France2015-03-26 to 2015-03-29
Prof. Dennis StantonUniversity of Minnesota Minneapolis, USA2015-03-22 to 2015-03-29[talk] [talk]
Prof. James SellersPenn State University, USA2015-03-10 to 2015-03-12[talk]
Prof. Teo MoraUni Genua, Italy2015-03-08 to 2015-03-11[talk]
Prof. Johannes BlümleinDESY, Germany2015-02-15 to 2015-02-20
Dr. Dimitris SimosSBA Research in Vienna2015-02-10 to 2015-02-10
Dr. Dimitris SimosSBA Research in Vienna2015-02-03 to 2015-02-03
Dr. Sandra AlvesUniversity of Porto, Portugal2015-01-25 to 2015-02-01[talk]
Sarah Brodsky2015-01-21 to 2015-01-21[talk]
Janos SztrikUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2014-11-03 to 2014-11-14
Meng ZhouNew Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, USA2014-09-30 to 2014-10-15[talk]
Juan Rafael SendraUniversidad de Alcala, Madrid, Spain2014-09-24 to 2014-10-01
Csaba BiroHungary2014-08-11 to 2014-08-16
Gabor GedaHungary2014-08-11 to 2014-08-16
Diego DominiciSUNY at New Paltz2014-06-06 to 2014-07-15
Jordi LevyArtificial Intelligence Research Institute in Barcelona, Spain2014-07-10 to 2014-07-12[talk]
Mateu VillaretUniversity of Girona, Spain2014-07-10 to 2014-07-12
Dennis EichhornUniversity of California, USA2014-06-19 to 2014-07-05
Prof. Johannes BlümleinDESY2014-06-22 to 2014-06-27
Prof. Gert-Martin GreuelFachbereich Mathematik, Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany2014-06-22 to 2014-06-26[talk]
Dr. Robert VajdaBolyai Institute at the university of Szeged, Hungary2014-06-07 to 2014-06-20[talk]
Imre VargaUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2014-06-02 to 2014-06-08[talk]
Tamas BerczesUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2014-06-02 to 2014-06-08[talk]
Mircea MarinWU Timisoara, Romania2014-05-18 to 2014-05-24
Dr. Evelyne Hubert INRIA Méditerranée Project team GALAAD, France2014-05-12 to 2014-05-16[talk] [talk]
Arnd BehringDesy Zeuthen, Germany2014-05-12 to 2014-05-14
Emod KovacsEszterházy Károly College, Hungary2014-05-11 to 2014-05-13
Gabor GedaEszterházy Károly College, Hungary2014-05-11 to 2014-05-13
Gabor KusperEszterházy Károly College, Hungary2014-05-11 to 2014-05-13
Paul ZimmermannINRIA Nancy, France2014-03-24 to 2014-03-25
Kenji MiyamotoLudwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany2014-01-15 to 2014-01-17[talk]
Dennis EichhornUniversity of California, USA2013-12-09 to 2013-12-18
Dr. Alberto LastraDepartamento de Matematicas, Universidad de Alcala, Madrid2013-11-22 to 2013-12-03
Dominique FoataStrasbourg2013-11-11 to 2013-11-14[talk]
Janos SztrikUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2013-11-07 to 2013-11-11
Ruyong FengChinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing2013-10-27 to 2013-11-03[talk]
Shaoshi ChenChinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing2013-10-27 to 2013-11-03[talk]
Armin StraubUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2013-10-07 to 2013-10-10[talk]
Yaohui LiTianjin University of Technology and Education, China2012-10-01 to 2013-09-30
Mykola SkrypskiYuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine2012-09-12 to 2013-09-02
Gabor Kusper2013-07-30 to 2013-08-08
Tamas BerczesUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2013-06-24 to 2013-07-05
Mircea Dragan2013-04-30 to 2013-06-30
Bernd SturmfelsUniversity of California, Berkeley, USA2013-06-28 to 2013-06-29[talk]
Tobias NipkowTU München, Germany2013-06-24 to 2013-06-25[talk]
Robert VajdaUniversity of Szeged, Hungary2013-06-09 to 2013-06-16
Gabor BalloUniversity of Veszprem, Hungary2013-04-22 to 2013-04-26
James SellersPenn State University, USA2013-02-28 to 2013-03-07[talk]
Ahmad KarimiTarbiatModares University, Tehran, Iran2012-07-18 to 2013-01-18
Kagan KursungözSabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey2013-01-07 to 2013-01-11[talk]
Felix BreuerSan Francisco State University, USA2012-12-06 to 2012-12-18[talk]
Fabian WissbrockDESY, Germany2012-12-10 to 2012-12-14
Hoon HongNorth Carolina State University2012-12-10 to 2012-12-14
Johannes BlümleinDESY, Germany2012-12-10 to 2012-12-14
Matthias BeckSan Francisco State University, USA2012-12-10 to 2012-12-13
Scott McCallumMacquarie University, Sydney, Australia2012-12-10 to 2012-12-13
Jose VegaArizona State University2012-11-25 to 2012-12-08
Sergei SuslovArizona State University2012-11-25 to 2012-12-06[talk]
Marc MezzarobbaUniversity of Lyon2012-11-25 to 2012-12-01[talk]
Scott McCallumMacquarie University, Sydney, Australia2012-10-07 to 2012-11-25[talk] [talk] [talk]
Mykola NikitchenkoNational University of Kiev, Ukraine2012-11-08 to 2012-11-19
Valentin ZyuzkovTomsk University, Russia2012-10-22 to 2012-11-08[talk]
Stephen MelczerSimon Fraser University, Canada2012-10-28 to 2012-10-31[talk]
Kathrin BringmannUniversität Köln, Germany2012-10-17 to 2012-10-17[talk]
Petr LisonekSimon Fraser University, Canada2012-09-23 to 2012-09-25[talk]
Daniel PopWest University of Timisoara, Romania2012-09-17 to 2012-09-20
Mircea MarinWest University of Timisoara, Romania2012-09-17 to 2012-09-20
Michael SingerNorth Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA2012-09-02 to 2012-09-08
Alexander LevinThe Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., USA2012-07-30 to 2012-08-03
L.X.Chau NgoQuy Nhon University, Vietnam2012-07-01 to 2012-07-31
Adrian CraciunWest University Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania2012-07-23 to 2012-07-29
Besik DunduaUniversity of Porto, Portugal2012-06-29 to 2012-07-29
Juan Rafael SendraUniversidad de Alcala, Madrid, Spain2012-07-01 to 2012-07-29
Anna MedveUniversity of Veszprem, Hungary2012-07-11 to 2012-07-20
Lily YenSimon Fraser University2012-07-19 to 2012-07-19[talk]
Samuel Cristobal Centenera2012-07-16 to 2012-07-16[talk]
George RahonisAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece2012-06-30 to 2012-07-07[talk] [talk]
James SellersPenn State, USA2012-03-01 to 2012-06-30[talk] [talk]
Veronika HeglasovaPrag University, Czech Republic2012-03-01 to 2012-06-30
Tamas BerczesUniversity of Debrecen, Hungary2012-06-25 to 2012-06-29[talk]
Daniel VarroDepartment of Measurement and Information Systems Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary 2012-06-25 to 2012-06-26[talk]
Robert VajdaUniversity of Szeged, Hungary2012-06-08 to 2012-06-20
Quoc-Nam TranLamar Univ, Texas, USA2012-05-27 to 2012-06-17[talk]
Ron KingUniversity of Southampton2012-05-20 to 2012-05-27[talk]
Stephen MelczerSimon Fraser University, Canada2012-05-13 to 2012-05-18[talk]
Stephen MelczerSimon Fraser University, Canada2012-04-15 to 2012-04-20
Jose VegaArizona State Universtiy2012-04-08 to 2012-04-11
Sergei SuslovArizona State University2012-04-08 to 2012-04-11
Matthias BeckSan Francisco State University, California, USA2012-03-26 to 2012-03-30[talk] [talk]
Felix AntritterUniveristät der Bundeswehr München, Germany2012-02-22 to 2012-02-24
Franck CazaurangBordeaux University, Talence, France2012-02-21 to 2012-02-24
Jean LevineMines-ParisTech, Fontainebleau, France2012-02-21 to 2012-02-24
Johannes BluemleinDESY, Germany2012-02-05 to 2012-02-07
James DavenportBath University, UK2012-01-17 to 2012-01-23[talk]