Prof. Dr. Armin Straub

Visit Date: 19/04/2022 - 29/04/2022

Home Institution: University of South Alabama


25/04/202213:30 - 14:30online via Zoom Meeting-ID: 949 1945 8950 Password: 135891

RISC Colloquium Talk: “Lucas congruences and congruence schemes”

It is a well-known and beautiful classical result of Lucas that, modulo a prime $p$, the binomial coefficients satisfy the congruences \begin{equation*} \binom{n}{k} \equiv \binom{n_0}{k_0} \binom{n_1}{k_1} \cdots \binom{n_r}{k_r}, \end{equation*} where $n_i$, respectively $k_i$, are the $p$-adic digits of $n$ and ...