Generalized Hermite reduction, creative telescoping, and definite integration of D-finite functions

Date: 09/12/2020
Time: 14:00 - 15:30

Location: Meeting-ID: 935 8655 6252

Hermite reduction is a classical algorithmic tool in symbolic integration. It is used to decompose a given rational function as a sum of a function with simple poles and the derivative of another rational function. In this talk, we extend Hermite reduction to arbitrary linear differential operators instead of the pure derivative, and develop efficient algorithms for this reduction. We also apply the generalized Hermite reduction to the computation of linear operators satisfied by single definite integrals of D-finite functions of several continuous or discrete parameters. The resulting algorithm is a generalization of reduction-based methods for creative telescoping. Based on joint work with A. Bostan, P. Lairez, and B. Salvy.