SumCracker: A Mathematica Implementation of several Algorithms for Identities and Inequalities of Special Sequences, including Summation Problems

Authors: Manuel Kauers
This package is part of the RISCErgoSum bundle. See Download and Installation.

Short Description

The SumCracker package contains routines for manipulating a large class of sequences (admissible sequences). It can prove identities and inequalities for these sequences, simplify expressions, evaluate symbolic sums, and solve certain difference equations.SumCracker is developed for Mathematica 7 and might not run properly on earlier versions of Mathematica.

Accompanying files


To use the implementation it is sufficient to study the notebook demo.nb. It contains a few examples to start with.Further information can be found in the following papers.
  • M. Kauers, Algorithms for Nonlinear Higher Order Difference Equations, Ph.D. Thesis, RISC, J. Kepler University Linz, 2005, [ps]
  • M. Kauers, SumCracker: A Package for Manipulating Symbolic Sums and Related Objects, Journal of Symbolic Computation 41(9), 2006, pp. 1039-1057, [pdf from JSC] [local pdf]