A Maple Implementation of the Inverse Schützenberger Methodology


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The inverse Schützenberger methodology transforms a rational generating function into a (pseudo-) regular expression for a corresponding regular language, and is based on Soittola's Theorem about the N-rationality of a formal power series. It is implemented in the Maple package RLangGFun. This package has been written by Christoph Koutschan within the scope of his diploma thesis, advised by Prof. Volker Strehl at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

Registration and Legal Notices

The source code for this package is password protected. To get the password send an email to Peter Paule. It will be given for free to all researchers and non-commercial users. Copyright © 1999–2012 The RISC Combinatorics Group, Austria — all rights reserved. Commercial use of the software is prohibited without prior written permission.

The Package

The RLangGFun package consists of the files


The theoretical background for the algorithm has been described in
C. Koutschan, Regular Languages and Their Generating Functions: The Inverse Problem, Diploma Thesis, University of Erlangen, 2005, [pdf].

Versions and Bugs

The current version of the package is 1.1 last updated on 05-03-2008. Please report any bugs and comments to Christoph Koutschan.