A Mathematica Implementation of q-Engel Expansion


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Engel is a Mathematica implementation of the q -Engel Expansion algorithm which expands q-series into inverse polynomial series. Examples of q-Engel Expansions include the Rogers-Ramanujan identities together with their elegant generalization by Garrett, Ismail and Stanton.

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A detailed description of the package (together with its theoretical background) can be found in the paper
  • G.E. Andrews, A. Knopfmacher, P. Paule and B. Zimmermann Engel Expansions of q-Series by Computer Algebra, Symbolic Computation, Number Theory, Special Functions, Physics and Combinatorics (F.G. Garvan and M.E.H. Ismail, eds.), Developments in Mathematics, Vol. 4, pp. 33-57, Kluwer, 2001. [pdf]