Bibasic Telescope

A Mathematica Implementation of a Generalization of Gosper's Algorithm to Bibasic Hypergeometric Summation


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This package is part of the RISCErgoSum bundle. See Download and Installation.

Short Description

pqTelescope is a Mathematica implementation of a generalization of Gosper’s algorithm to indefinite bibasic hypergeometric summation. The package has been developed by Axel Riese, a former member of the RISC Combinatorics group.

Accompanying Files

Some examples can be found in the Mathematica notebook accompanying the author’s qZeil implementation.

Important Upgrade Information

Beginning with version 2.2 the main function is called pqTelescope instead of qTelescope.


Information on the installation and use of the package (together with its theoretical background) can be found in the paper