Math Broker I

Project Description

We propose a software framework for brokering mathematical services that are distributed among networked servers. The foundation of this framework is a language for describing the mathematical problems solved by the services. Servers register their problem solving capabilities with a “semantic broker” to which clients submit corresponding task descriptions. The broker (possibly in cooperation with a deduction system) determines the suitable services and returns them to the client for invocation. This mechanism thus hides from the client the actual implementation of mathematical services. On top of this, we propose a runtime system that accepts the descriptions of compound tasks and coordinates the invocation of the services offered by the broker. This mechanism thus hides from the client the coordination of mathematical services. Embedded into xml-documents and interpreted by browser applets, such descriptions may act as interactive hypermedia interfaces for distributed mathematical applications.

Project Lead

Project Duration

01/12/2001 - 30/11/2003

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