Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics [CICM-11]

General Information

Conference Date: 13/08/2018 - 17/08/2018

Venue: RISC, Hagenberg, Austria

Digital and computational solutions are becoming the prevalent means for the generation, communication, processing, storage and curation of mathematical information. Separate communities have developed to investigate and build computer based systems for computer algebra, automated deduction, and mathematical publishing as well as novel user interfaces. While all of these systems excel in their own right, their integration can lead to synergies offering significant added value. The Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM) offers a venue for discussing and developing solutions to the great challenges posed by the integration of these diverse areas. The conference consists of the following tracks:
  • Track: Calculemus (chair: Grant Passmore)
  • Track: Digital Mathematical Libraries (DML)
  • Track: Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM) (chair: Bill Farmer)
  • Track: Systems & Projects (chair: Abdou Youssef)
  • Workshops, Tutorials and Doctoral Programme (chair: Osman Hasan)
The proceedings of the conference are planned to be published in Springer's series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI). In addition to the main tracks, CICM 2018 will host 6 workshops: Computer Algebra in the age of Types, Computer Mathematics in Education – Enlightenment or Incantation, Formal Mathematics for Mathematicians (FMM), Formal Verification of Physical Systems (FVPS), Mathematical Models and Mathematical Software as Research Data, and 29th OpenMath Workshop.