Algebraic and Differential Equation Solving [ADES]

General Information

Conference Date: 01/07/2021

Venue: RISC, Hagenberg, Austria

Workshop on

"Algebraic and Differential Equations Solving (ADES)"

July 1, 2021

RISC, JKU via Zoom


This workshop will be held on the occasion of Franz Winkler's retirement from his professorship at RISC, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria.

Prof. Peter Paule (chairman of RISC) will open the conference,

confirmed speakers are:

  • James H. Davenport (Bath, UK)
  • Ioannis Emiris (Athens, Greece)
  • Deepak Kapur (Albuquerque, USA)
  • Martin Kreuzer (Passau, Germany)
  • Ziming Li (Beijing, China)
  • Scott McCallum (Sydney, Australia)
  • Sonia Perez-Diaz (Madrid/Alcalá, Spain)
  • Fritz Schwarz (St.Augustin/Bonn, Germany)
  • Rafael Sendra (Madrid/Alcalá, Spain)
  • Dongming Wang (Beijing,China and Paris, France)

Franz Winkler will give a review of his academic career.

Program (time is Austrian Time, Central European Summer Time (CEST))

9:15 Peter Paule, welcome
9:30 Ziming Li: Determining Constant Residues by Evaluation
10:00 Scott McCallum: Differential Resultants
10:30 James H. Davenport: Structure in Polynomial Systems
11:00 Martin Kreuzer: Differential Methods For 0-Dimensional Schemes
11:30 J. Rafael Sendra: My differential equation has nested radicals of polynomials as coefficients
Lunch Break
14:00 Fritz Schwarz: Solving Second-Order Differential Equations by Decomposition
14:30 Sonia Perez-Diaz: Base Points and Polynomial Surface Reparametrizations
15:00 Dongming Wang: Characteristic Decomposition = Gröbner Bases + Triangular Sets
15:30 Deepak Kapur: Weird Gröbner Bases: An Application of AC Congruence Closure
16:00 Ioannis Emiris: Bounding the number of roots of algebraic systems: A combinatorial bound on the m-Bezout number
16:30 Franz Winkler: My Life in Computer Algebra
There were approximately 75 participants online in Zoom during the workshop. Some of the talks were recorded, the recordings can be accessed with the given passcodes.